Alternative Education Options in Adams County, Colorado: A Comprehensive Guide

The Pathways Future Center school is an alternative education campus that uses a blended learning model to provide students with the opportunity to earn a traditional or competency-based diploma. This enabling learning environment creates a professional atmosphere and is open to students from across the state of Colorado, regardless of their home school district. Special education is a program designed to meet the unique needs of students who qualify for these services in order to receive FAPE. However, language barriers can make it difficult for some families to access these services.

The Arc of Adams County encourages parents to be the best advocates for their children and provides resources to help them do so. New America Thornton, a charter high school for students at risk of dropping out at Adams' 12 five-star schools, has already completed preparatory classes for the three WorkKeys exams. Al is a new addition to The Arc of Adams County Board of Directors and brings with him a strong business background and more than 40 years of experience in the financial services industry. Vrain Valley schools use Schoology to educate and teach in an environment that promotes academic excellence while supporting and encouraging student development.

For instance, Adams 12 requires three credits of mathematics to earn a typical diploma, so students may end up in an algebra or statistics class. The Connections Learning Center offers an educational experience for students who have been expelled from Jeffco public schools or are interested in an alternative learning opportunity. Starting this fall, some New America School Thornton students who are far behind in their graduation requirements will have the option of taking a series of tests instead of trying to include all the classes they would need to earn a diploma. Lynnelle has seen firsthand how valuable The Arc is to people and their families living in Adams County.

Jeff was an attorney in the Deputy Public Administrator's office in Adams County, where he dealt with numerous guardianship and trusteeship matters, as well as complex probate matters. The Arc of Adams County has been a great resource over the years, helping families navigate the education system. Branson School Online strives to make a positive difference in the lives of children in an alternative school environment. Lauren has worked as a special education teacher in public schools and schools in both New York and Colorado.

She found that her values and moral values perfectly matched those of The Arc of Adams County and is honored to be part of an organization that advocates for people with intellectual disabilities.

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