Does Adams County, Colorado Offer Specialized Programs for Students with Disabilities?

Adams County, Colorado is a vibrant community of 33,000 residents served by Adams County School District 14. The district is committed to providing special education and related services to eligible students in accordance with the Education for Persons with Disabilities Act (IDEA) and the Colorado Exceptional Early Childhood Education Act (ECEA). The Department of Special Education staff works diligently to ensure that students with disabilities have access to learning opportunities that will help them succeed in school and in the community. Students can be provided with specialized equipment to help them better access their instruction and participate safely in their school environments and educational programs. Physical therapy services can be offered as a related service to help students enrolled in the IEP move safely, participate more fully in school routines and activities, and develop skills for independent living at school.

In addition, staff members of schools with higher education programs have access to professional learning about trauma-based practices and strategies to reduce tension. Due to age and functional academic limitations, the program focuses more intensely on the area of transition and life skills. Douglas County School District students with visual disabilities, including blindness, have access to a variety of services for their education and social support. The autism support team helps students and school teams collaboratively develop and improve programming for students in their least restrictive environment, providing research-based professional development, training and consulting for students with autism spectrum disorder. Jeffco public schools and programs use the Colorado Department of Education SED quality indicators. Behavioral Support Team: Coming Soon, School Consulting Nurses: School consulting nurses can be an important member of the IEP team with respect to student health.

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