What is the Enrollment Size for the Largest School in Adams County, Colorado?

Adams County School District 12, commonly known as the 12 Adams Five Star Schools, is a public school district located in western Adams County, Colorado, United States. With more than 36,000 students and more than 4,400 staff members, the Five Star District offers the benefits of a large district with a close-knit environment. This is reflected in the numerous opportunities for students, staff and parents at any of our more than 50 unique learning centers. We are proud of our work and are committed to our students growing and to having our staff supported through professional development.

The district offers a full and demanding range of educational programs and services authorized by Colorado State Law, including kindergarten through twelfth grade in elementary, middle and high schools; special education; vocational education; an online education program; education in English as a second language; education in English as a second language; the gifted and talented; and many other educational and support programs. Located on the northern level of the Denver metropolitan area, Adams' 12 five-star schools offer high-performing schools in the cities of Broomfield, Federal Heights, Northglenn, Thornton and Westminster. Adams County is among the five largest counties in the state and is projected to be the fastest-growing county in the Denver metropolitan area over the next two decades. The districts with the largest declines were schools in Jefferson County, Colorado Springs (11) (1,032 students), Aurora Public Schools (1,028 students), Pueblo 60 (505 students), and Adams County 14 (340 students). DENVER — Slightly more students were enrolled in Colorado public schools this fall than the previous year, the smallest increase in nearly 30 years. Thornton Middle International School and Century Middle School are authorized to participate in the MYP program for youth in grades 6 through 8.In addition, the district offers preschool programs through the Colorado Preschool Program and offers educational programs for residents of the Adams County Youth Services Center (AYSC).

The AYSC serves students from fourteen Adams County school districts, offering language arts and, if you meet the appropriate academic requirements, teaching staff offers the opportunity to complete a GED, math, science, social studies, and art program. The district also offers preschool and summer school services, along with the BASE program (before and after school and summer enrichment), which is offered in its elementary schools. Every year, Colorado school districts are required to report school performance to the community, as required by No Child Left Behind. The district has 12 elementary schools, five middle schools, four high schools (three comprehensive high schools and one alternative high school), and six charter schools. Brighton's 27J school district recorded the second highest growth, with an increase of 829 students, representing an increase of 4.6 percentage points. If you're looking for information on the largest high schools in Adams County by enrollment, this article can help you compare them.

With such a wide range of educational opportunities available to its students and staff members alike, Adams 12 Five Star Schools is sure to provide an enriching learning experience for all.

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