Does Adams County, Colorado Offer a Peer Mentoring Program for Students?

The Colorado Charter School League (Freestone) has recently released their training modules and made them available in their learning management system. This webinar is open to all charter school developers, with a particular focus on those in the early stages. In the A Precious Child service area, around 250,000 children live below the Colorado standard of self-sufficiency. To help these children, youth mentors implement a peer-to-peer mentoring model for all ages in a group setting, providing a positive youth development program.

This program is designed to ensure that all Colorado youth have the supportive relationships they need to grow, connect and thrive. Children living in poverty are more likely to have health problems, less likely to graduate from high school on time, and more likely to remain in poverty as adults. To help combat this issue, the program provides grants and technical assistance for up to 4 years to new and expanding charter schools across Colorado. This series provides guidance for charter school developers who are interested in opening, replicating, or expanding charter schools in Colorado.

So, does Adams County, Colorado offer a peer mentoring program for students? The answer is yes! All charter schools across the state of Colorado have access to the peer mentoring program. The peer mentoring program is designed to provide students with the support they need to succeed. It offers guidance and assistance from experienced mentors who can help students develop their skills and reach their goals. The program also provides resources such as workshops and seminars that can help students learn more about themselves and their peers.

Additionally, it offers activities such as field trips and community service projects that can help students build relationships with their peers. The peer mentoring program is an invaluable resource for students in Adams County, Colorado. It provides them with the support they need to succeed academically and socially. With the help of experienced mentors, students can gain the skills they need to reach their goals and become successful adults.

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