What is the Average Graduation Rate for High Schools in Adams County, Colorado?

The pandemic has had a significant effect on the Greeley district, which serves almost 22,000 students, including 70% students of color and around 66% students who qualify for subsidized lunches. Despite the district's attempts to provide hybrid learning schedules for high school students, racial disparities increased and graduation rates for students of color decreased compared to white students. Generally, Colorado school districts that serve large numbers of students in poverty saw the biggest decrease in graduation rates. In order to help those at risk of not graduating on time, the district has implemented a system to identify these students and provide them with extra support.

Maegan Daigler, the district's executive director of evaluation and technology, said that Sheridan officials found students in alternative high school who wanted to continue their studies but were unable to do so while the district was studying remotely. Nevertheless, the rate of students finishing high school in five, six, or seven years has continued to increase across the state.

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