Exploring Vocational and Technical Education Opportunities in Adams County, Colorado

Are you looking for an alternative to a traditional university? Vocational and technical schools are an excellent option for those seeking professional or technical training. Many of these careers are highly paid and in high demand, such as electricity, plumbing, welding, masonry, and more. Students who attend Bollman High School often make rapid progress in their careers after graduation. However, there are more than 200 students across the Adams Five Star School District who are unsure of what to do after high school due to not being able to attend Bollman. These students can still pursue technical schools and internships in high-demand and well-paying careers, such as a career in the military.

Adams County school districts play a vital role in workforce development by offering a series of technical and professional education (CTE) programs that allow students to start high-demand local careers at an early age and help maintain a portfolio of local talent that flows to local businesses. Westminster Public Schools, for example, offers high school students courses on more than a dozen careers, including biomedical sciences, engineering, healthcare, and ProStart culinary arts. At FutureForward on the Washington Square campus, students dedicate two hours of each school day to hands-on learning and can earn certifications in areas such as construction, welding, diesel technology, EMT, firefighting, crime scene investigation, law enforcement and sports medicine. The Bollman Technical Education Center in South Thornton is also a great option for those looking to earn college credit and start working soon. Mapleton Public Schools also offers the CareerX program which helps high school students explore different career paths.

Additionally, building a school in the north is expected to help alleviate some of the overcrowding in that region. Brighton School District 27J works with local businesses to provide third and final year students with work-based learning experiences. Adams 12 Five Star also works with other school districts in the county to conduct a biennial assessment of the needs of the regional workforce and adjusts career paths and curricula based on the results of the evaluations.

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