Exploring Specialized Arts Programs in Adams County, Colorado

Adams County, Colorado is a great place for students to explore their creative potential and develop a lifelong appreciation for the arts. From kindergarten to twelfth grade, there are a range of specialized arts programs available to students in the area. Adams State University offers a Bachelor of Fine Arts and Bachelor of Arts degree, while the Broadway School of the Performing Arts and Mapleton Online provide early childhood programs and educational services for residents of the Adams County Youth Services Center (AYSC).At Adams State University, students can take courses in any artistic discipline or multiple courses within an area of study. An art college advisor is available to help students add an art major to their degree.

The Broadway School of the Performing Arts and Mapleton Online offer a high-quality, game-based early childhood program that prepares children for success in elementary school. The district also provides preschool programs through the Colorado Preschool Program and educational programs for AYSC residents. In addition to traditional jobs such as teaching, graphic design, marketing, foundry work, gallery owners and studio artists, Adams County schools also offer advanced and gifted academic services. The district has twelve elementary schools, five middle schools, four high schools (three comprehensive high schools and one alternative high school), and provides all students with access to healthy and nutritious school meals at no cost. Superintendent Pamela Swanson has been in education for nearly forty years, twenty-eight of which have been in Westminster public schools. The Board of Education expresses sincere thanks to school principals and assistant principals for their individual and collective commitment to the success of all Mapleton Public Schools students. Adams County schools provide a wide range of educational programs and services authorized by the Colorado State Statute.

These include special education; vocational education; an online education program; English as a second language education; gifted and talented people; and many other educational and support programs. If you're interested in learning more about specialized arts programs offered at schools in Adams County, Colorado, contact the head of the department at Adams State University for more information. With its wide range of educational opportunities, Adams County is an ideal place for students to develop their creative thinking and problem-solving skills.

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