What Percentage of Students in Adams County, Colorado Receive Free or Reduced Lunch?

When classes are not in session, Estudio School in Northglenn provides meals to students and their families. Venegas, 9, and his sister Emily, sit together at a lunch table in the cafeteria with their mother, María Becerra, 43. Schools that are not part of the national school lunch and breakfast programs will not serve free meals. The children enjoy apples and pineapples with chocolate milk as they talk about going to the park now that school is closed for the summer. Adams County offers a free summer lunch program for everyone under 18 at more than 50 schools. All food sold at school facilities during the school day must meet state and federal snack regulations.

At the beginning of the school year, families must complete a form that provides household income. Becerra's children are part of the free or reduced-price lunch program during the school year at Stuckey Elementary School in Northglenn. Depending on your family's income, or if you participate in certain federal assistance programs, your child may be eligible for a free or reduced-price meal. Colorado public school students can get free breakfast and lunch this school year thanks to a new voter-approved program called Healthy School Meals for All. If a school district chooses to receive additional funding, the next school year (2024-2) will get higher salaries and more locally produced food. So what is the average percentage of students who receive free or reduced lunch at schools in Adams County? According to data from the Colorado Department of Education, approximately 60% of students in Adams County receive free or reduced lunch.

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