Do Adams County Schools in Colorado Require Community Service Hours for Graduation?

Adams 14 is more than just a public education provider. We strive to promote educational equity, celebrate the cultural diversity of our community, provide comprehensive learning opportunities for our students, and foster a sense of purpose and confidence so that students and staff can reach their full potential. Colorado's graduation guidelines provide a roadmap to help students and their families plan for their future. High school and high school students must think about their passions and interests and plan for their post-secondary success.

Adams County School District 14 serves the 33,000 residents of the community with its 12 five-star schools. Demonstrations of readiness for the post-secondary workforce show that students know how to apply and use what they have learned in a variety of ways and are prepared to pursue their interests after high school. The updated graduation requirements in Adams County School District 14 meet state requirements and Colorado educational standards. Each school can select the demonstration options from the menu offered by Jeffco Public Schools that best meet the needs of its students.

A high school student receiving special education services can earn some or all of their credits in any of the high school's special education programs. Adams County School District 14 has successfully defended against the Colorado State Board of Education's historic attempt to reorganize the district. According to the Colorado Department of Education (CDE), jobs that require training after high school are growing three times faster than those that do not require training. Students must earn credits distributed in the following curricular areas and meet at least one (of the following) university and professional competence requirements (in the reading, writing and communication column) and at least one (in the mathematics column).

These courses can be scheduled in addition to the usual mandatory courses or instead of the elective options. Joining the workforce, serving in the military, earning a professional certificate, or pursuing two- or four-year studies exemplify the post-secondary success of graduates of Adams' 12 five-star schools. The plan will be reviewed and access will be offered at least once a year from sixth (through twelfth) grade (first) and may include the participation of students, parents or legal guardians, school counselors, school administrators, and school staff. Colorado and Jeffco public schools are committed to educating students to enter the workforce with the most in-demand skills that meet business, industry and higher education standards.

Each Colorado school district had the opportunity to work with communities and schools to adapt state graduation guidelines to better meet local needs. The following requirements are established to graduate from the high schools of Adams County School District 14.

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